After you have seen all the profiles within your preferences, there will be a modal that shows up after you have seen everyone in your preferences. If you tap "See other profiles" then you will be able to see profiles a little outside of your preferences. This is ideal for people who are a little more open to seeing who else is out there. The profiles outside of your preferences still match some of your preferences but not all. Maybe they are a little outside of your distance range but are still in the same age range as you, etc.

If you do not wish to see people outside of your preferences, do not tap on the "See other profiles" button.

If you are seeing repeats, that means that you have seen all the profiles within your preferences. You will then be able to see profiles you have already said Next (arrow button) to in the coming days. This is ideal for people who might have accidentally passed on someone that they didn't mean to, or if you want to give someone another chance and look over their profile.

Profiles you have seen will only be repeated up to 3 times, and each no sooner than 5 days again. So do not be frustrated, but continue to really read through that profile, think about it, and if you really are not interested then tap Next and know that after 3 times that profile will disappear and you won't be have an opportunity to contact then again.

Remember, you only know someone, if you actually have a conversation and chat with them to get to know them. We encourage you to get to know people and hear their story before making quick judgments about who they are. We also encourage you to widen your preferences to see who else is a little further away. May you be blessed as you learn more about others and yourself and may your faith grow as your hear more stories of how Jesus is moving in this community!

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